Liz Roberts and Henry Ross: Death Knell

Installation: Sat, 9/9/2017
Sat, 09/09/2017 to Sat, 12/23/2017

a performance, installation and audio piece

“The death knell of American industrialism manifests and mirrors its legacy, starting with a bang and gradually fading to nothing. Death Knell frames the codependency of process and product by showing a vehicle’s remains with documentation of its dismantling recorded on hundreds of contact microphones. Destruction encompasses the reversal of thousands of years of progress; it can be methodical, meditative, or aggressive.
    Cars are explicitly bound to their relationship with organized labor. The vehicle’s make and model are inconsequential because all are complicit in decline through use—a car’s significance is contained in the reversal of its creation rather than in the car itself.
    No future, no potential? An audio instruction manual for insurrection. The audio ends without sound, representing an opening wherein the people have the tools to create. It is they who possess the potential to alter context from within. The parts are there; they can be assembled differently.”
—Liz Roberts and Henry Ross

Liz Roberts is an artist and a visiting full-time faculty at the Columbus College of Art & Design.
Henry Ross is a student-artist, writer, and musician. Both are located in Columbus, OH.

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