[image: a hand holding in iPhone, showing the opening screen of the ArtLens App]
  • [image: a hand holding in iPhone, showing the opening screen of the ArtLens App]
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ArtLens App

The new ArtLens App is a completely re-engineered version of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s award-winning collection application. Despite maintaining the same name, the new ArtLens App is a comprehensive overhaul of the app that was completed in two phases, with the first launch in September 2016 and the latest launch in June 2017. Listening to user feedback, CMA ensured that the new ArtLens has enhanced its usability.  ArtLens is now faster and more user friendly, and the app download time has been reduced to 30 seconds.  Improved optimizations have decreased the size of the app making ArtLens comparable in size to popular social media apps like Snapchat.

The redesigned interface is clean and intuitive and the wayfinding map is more responsive, now using iBeacons throughout the museum and outside to improve accuracy and eliminate the need for paper maps.  ArtLens now uses Bluetooth to connect to the museum’s iconic ArtLens Wall rather than RFIDs, making synchronization seamless.  Improvements to the maps and new descriptions of each gallery make finding the information or artwork easier for visitors. ArtLens may be used on-site or from anywhere in the world.

A collaborative creation, ArtLens combines the most current technology and innovative design with a wealth of interpretive content provided by the museum’s curatorial and interpretation teams.  ArtLens includes a high-definition image and object information about every artwork on display in the museum and is updated in real time, ensuring that users have access to the most accurate information available. ArtLens enhances the visitor’s museum experience by providing the option to design individual tours, offering tools to better understand artwork through augmented reality, and guiding users with interactive real-time maps.

The ArtLens App (ArtLens Download Instructions) is available for FREE download to iOS9 or higher, or Android devices (4.4+) from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.  Once ArtLens is downloaded, simply launch the app.  If ArtLens was downloaded prior to June 21, 2017, users must update the app.

What can I do with the ArtLens App? 


Search the CMA's collection by artist’s name or by keyword to discover corresponding works on view in the museum.  Find the exact location of an artwork identified on a map with a quick tap on the gallery number and explore the Top Ten highlights from the collection in addition to visitor favorites.


Using innovative image-recognition software, ArtLens seamlessly recognizes a selection of two-dimensional artworks and provides additional curatorial and interpretive content.

The landing page of the ArtLens App is separated into four main categories:

1)  Galleries: In the “Galleries” section of the app visitors can see updated maps, content, wayfinding and nearby objects. Galleries are color-coded and grouped thematically to facilitate easier navigation. Tap any gallery number to see what type of art is on display in that location or find gallery descriptions by tapping the gallery name.

  • ArtLens Exhibition: As of June 2017, visitors can dock their devices with the ArtLens App at the interactive stations in ArtLens Exhibition to automatically save all the artwork they learn about and all photos taken during game play. Artwork saves to "You" in the app and photos automatically upload to your photo album on your device.
  • Content: All artworks on display are identified and findable in ArtLens, with additional multimedia content, including more than 1,500 videos, available for selected artworks. New content is generated on an ongoing basis. Changes to any object on view are dynamically and immediately updated from the backend systems across the app and throughout the museum.
  • Wayfinding: Create a path to explore artworks. Push the “Find Me” button at any time to find your exact location in the museum, then search an artwork and tap the gallery number to find exactly what you are looking for and how to get there.
  • Nearby Artworks: Nearby artworks that might be of interest are suggested based on the artwork selected.
  • Bluetooth: ArtLens now uses Bluetooth to connect to the ArtLens Wall making synchronization seamless, as well as the interactive activities in the new ArtLens Exhibition.

2) Tours: Select from both museum-curated and visitor-created tours.  The mapping feature locates specific artworks and navigates the entire tour.  Choose to create a personalized tour that may be added to “visitor-created tours” and shared with the world.

Create your own Tour: Follow these simple steps to create your own tour and share with others.

  • Choose artworks you would like on your tour using any of the following methods:

            1) Select the "heart" icon to favorite any artwork on the ArtLens app
            2) Connect your device to the ArtLens Wall and favorite artworks by selecting the "heart" icon
            3) Play an interactive in ArtLens Exhibition

  • These works of art are saved directly to the “You” section of the app.
  • On the landing page that lists “Galleries, Tours, You and Museum,” select “Tours” and, at the top of the screen, scroll to “Create Your Own.”
  • Select the works of art you would like to include on the tour by clicking on them and then press “Create a Tour” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Name your tour and add a description.

To share your tour, find it the “You” section and, from there, select the share button next to the "heart" icon to email the tour, copy the link, or save the link to Dropbox. Even if you are outside the museum, pressing the “heart” icon on your tour will cause it to rise to the top of the “Visitor Created” tours page.

3) You: Favorite artworks by tapping the heart icon on the ArtLens Wall or on individual artworks in the ArtLens App.  All favorites are saved under “You.”  Favorites can be used to create personalized tours, find specific artworks in the museum or share on social media. Artworks learned about in the ArtLens Exhibition are automatically saved under "You" if a device is docked.

4) Museum: Get a daily snapshot of events and special exhibitions occurring at the museum as well as the location of restrooms, restaurants and exits. Museum hours of operation are also listed on this page.

Need Help or Have Questions? Email us! artlens [at] clevelandart.org
Don't have a device? The museum has iPads and iPod Touches available for rental at the desk located inside ArtLens Gallery, near the ArtLens Wall. The rental fee is $5 per iPad. We will hold your valid driver's license or student ID until return.

An iPad, iPhone, or Android device is not required to experience many aspects of ARTLENS Gallery.


From the Cleveland Museum of Art: 
Digital Innovation and Technology Services: Jane Alexander (Lead, Chief Information/Digital Officer), Adam Gall (Project Manager), Emily Hirsch (Project Manager), Tom Hood (Director of Technology Operations), Niki Krause (Director of Application Services)
Design: Jeffrey Strean (Director of Design and Architecture), Tom Barnard (Senior Graphic Designer), Mary Thomas (Graphic Designer)
Interpretation: Lori Wienke (Associate Director of Interpretation, Curator/Interpretation lead), Bethany Corriveau (Audience Engagement Specialist), Stephanie Foster (Interpretation), Kevin Kelly (Interpretation)

CMA collaborated with Local Projects on the ArtLens App. Local Projects is the firm that took the app to the next and highest possible level of technical fidelity, ensuring a rapid initial download, optimizing the interactive, real-time wayfinding maps while streamlining the overall design.

From Local Projects:
Ethan Holda (Director of Technology), Keeli Shaw (Project Director), Karen Vanderbilt (Senior Graphic Designer), Danny Well (Visual Experience Designer), Edward Blake (User Experience Designer)

From Enharmonic:
Dillan Laughlin and Jonathan Saggau

ArtLens is supported by Swagelok. 

Copyright Restrictions

Reproduction, including downloading, of works by Pierre Bonnard, Georges Braque, Carlo Bugatti, Salvador Dalí, Andre Derain, Otto Dix, Lee Krasner, Rene Lalique, Suzanne Lalique,  Jacob Lawrence, Charles Loupot, René Magritte, Reginald Marsh, Henri Matisse, Barnett Newman, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Marc Rothko, Kay Sage, Yves Tanguy,  Édouard Vuillard, Andy Warhol, and Wilfred Zogbaum, is prohibited by copyright laws and international conventions without the express written permission of Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

ArtLens App Scanning
ArtLens App docking
ArtLens App 2017

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s free award-winning ArtLens app is made possible through the generous support of the Swagelok Company, a global leader in fluid systems manufacturing and technology headquartered in Solon, OH.