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Come Experience What Everyone's Talking About! 

ARTLENS Gallery is a multi-faceted, innovative experience that allows you, your family, and friends to look closer, dive deeper, and have fun discovering the museum's collection using award-winning digital technology. Create your own original artwork in ArtLens Studio, engage with masterworks of art and touchscreen-free interactives in ArtLens Exhibition, and connect with the museum's world-renowned collection at the ArtLens Wall. Use your ArtLens App to save the artworks you learn about and photos you take during your experience, and then map your visit throughout the museum using the app's responsive wayfinding technology. 

New Name, New Look
The next iteration of Gallery One is ARTLENS Gallery, encompassing the original four components of Gallery One: Gallery One proper, Studio Play, ArtLens App, and the Collection Wall. These four components are now under the ArtLens brand, as the ArtLens Exhibition, ArtLens Studio, ArtLens App, and ArtLens Wall.

Why change Gallery One?
The original Gallery One has been an unqualified success for the Cleveland Museum of Art. There have been articles about Gallery One in many major publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. After the opening of Gallery One in 2013, individual attendance at the museum increased by 31%, and the attendance of families increased by 29%. Gallery One was featured as a Deep Dive symposium at a Museums and the Web Conference, and has been used as a case study in multiple publications, and for museums throughout the world. Over the last four years, almost every major museum has sent a director for site visits. Gallery One has won two Edison awards, four Museums and the Web awards, four Media and Technology Muse awards, and multiple major design awards.

Ultimately, the Gallery One project has successfully reinvented the museum experience for visitors of all ages and has promoted active engagement and personal discovery throughout the museum. The obvious question is, “Why change Gallery One?” The answer is simple. From its initial inception, the museum considered the original Gallery One to be more of a “proof of concept” than an endpoint. It was always the plan to improve and update each of the components. The last four years have provided an excellent opportunity to gather information: to interview visitors, track usage, and evaluate the effectiveness of each component. Using that feedback, successful new redesigns have been completed for the ArtLens Studio (opened June 2016), the ArtLens App (launched June 2017), and most recently the exhibition portion of ArtLens (opened June 2017)—the truly unique area in which a sophisticated and unprecedented integration of art and immersive technology provides interpretive content right alongside the artwork.

ArtLens Exhibition
Gallery One proper reopened to the public as ArtLens Exhibition at the Solstice Party, June 2017. The goal of the Exhibition is to be an experiential gallery that puts you, the viewer, into conversation with masterpieces of art, encouraging engagement on a personal, emotional level. The art selection and barrier-free digital interactives inspire you to approach the museum’s collection with greater curiosity, confidence, and understanding. Transitioning away from the touchscreen technology that Gallery One relied upon, the Exhibition interactives use barrier-free, gesture-sensing projections that respond seamlessly to body movement and facial recognition as you approach, immersing you in the experience. There are 16 new and innovative games, centered on the following themes: Composition, Symbols, Gesture + Emotion, and Purpose. The Exhibition features a smaller collection of artworks (20) that are all new to the space, and will be able to rotate in new artworks every 18 months. Each artwork in the Exhibition has two corresponding games in different themes, allowing you to dive deeper into understanding the object. Rather than screens positioned in front of the artworks, the Exhibition will reverse the experience with the artwork positioned in the foreground. 

ArtLens Studio
On June 6, 2016, the Cleveland Museum of Art opened the doors to the ArtLens Studio. Building on the success of the first Studio Play, the updated space solidified the museum’s position as a leader in the development of digital experiences. ArtLens Studio was designed with the entire family in mind and uses cutting edge technology, movement, and play to introduce new ways of looking at art. Astonishing in its visionary breadth, the magic of ArtLens Studio is deceptive in its simplicity. While visitors are having fun, they are also looking closer, making connections, and gaining comprehension that will enhance their appreciation of art throughout the museum.

ArtLens Studio uses cutting-edge technology to give families the opportunity to use movement and play in order to connect to the collection. Reveal and Zoom is a large 4k video wall where visitors use their bodies to reveal artworks or zoom into an artwork in great detail. The Create Studio, which allows visitors to create their own artworks, consists of four stations: Pottery Wheel, Collage Maker, Portrait Maker, and Paint Play. These installations use a combination of time-of-flight depth cameras, custom C++ software, and real-time graphics to create interactive experiences that allow visitors to play with traditional artistic techniques in a playful, gesture-based way. Visitors may save creations by sharing them on the museum’s Tumblr site.

ArtLens App
The new ArtLens App is a completely re-engineered version of the award-winning collection application. A collaborative creation, ArtLens App combines the most current technology and innovative design with a wealth of interpretive content provided by the museum’s curatorial and interpretation teams. ArtLens App includes a high-definition image and object information about every artwork on display in the museum and is updated in real time, ensuring that users have access to the most accurate information available. Moreover, ArtLens App enhances a visitor’s museum experience by providing the option to design individual tours, offering tools to better understand artwork through augmented reality and guiding users with interactive real-time maps.

ArtLens App has been upgraded to tie together the ARTLENS Gallery experience. All artworks that a visitor learns about during their Exhibition game play will be saved to YOU in ArtLens, and all photos taken during game play will be saved to your photos and appear on the Beacon at the entrance of the Gallery. After saving artworks in the Exhibition or at the Wall, visitors can use the ArtLens App as their digital map around the museum. Content from ArtLens Exhibition is re-iterated in the App’s new ArtLens Exhibition field.

ArtLens Wall

The 40-foot interactive, multitouch ArtLens Wall is the only one of its kind and one of the largest in the world. This digital visualization of the on view collection gives you a snapshot of our museum and allows visitors to browse all artworks currently on view, as well as a few selections of work that are off view. Every 40 seconds the Wall rotates through everything on view, displaying curated selections of artworks grouped in dozens of ways—by type, theme, purpose, shape, color—so you can see how our artworks are related across cultures and time periods. Touch an artwork that catches your eye on the Wall to find out what it is and where it is in the museum. Select the medium, time period, or culture in blue above the artwork to browse across the museum’s collection without moving from your spot. When you find a favorite, let everyone know by touching the heart icon below the artwork. 

Use the ArtLens App to save on view artworks from the Wall seamless to YOU in ArtLens via Bluetooth. Use ArtLens to easily find an artwork’s location, details, additional information, and multimedia content. Download ArtLens for iOS or Android from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or rent one of our devices. Make sure you are connected to the ARTLENS wifi to download. After downloading, open ArtLens, accept all prompts, and place your device on one of the docking stations below the Wall. Select “accept” to connect to the Wall and start saving artworks. 

ArtLens Beacon

At the north lobby entrance of ARTLENS Gallery, the Beacon screen uses whimsical stop motion to pull live visitor creations from the Studio, Exhibition, and app, as well as feature works of art on view from across the museum's collection. Visitor portraits and collages in the Studio decorate the Beacon, along with the expressions, poses, and artwork visitors make at Express Yourself, Strike a Pose, and Become an Artwork in the Exhibition, and visitor-created tours from the app. From the galleries, the Beacon pulls the smallest, heaviest, oldest, and latest artworks, allowing visitors to learn more about the artwork on view and see what and where new artwork is being displayed.